Hank Haney defends writing Tiger Woods book

29, 2009, Woods ran his car into a fire hydrant, setting in motion a chain of events that would expose his extramarital affairs which eventually cost him his marriage and some endorsement deals.

© 2012 CBS Interactive Inc. The title marked his first win since the sex scandal that changed both his life and the sport of golf.

Woods wins first PGA tour event since ’09

Haney added, “The bottom line really was, I felt like these are my memories as well as Tiger’s. I was very comfortable with that.”. I’m always asked about it, I thought, they’re my memories too and I want to share them.”

Nov. When you’re around greatness, when you observe it, and you want to talk about it. I mean, there is no code, it’s not a doctor-patient relationship,” Haney said Tuesday on “CBS This Morning.” “I understand people have that idea and that feeling, and I knew that when I wrote the book. I didn’t think he had an exclusive or a patent on those memories. I’m asked about him all the time, I’m asked about my job and how I worked with Tiger.

“The Big Miss: My Years Coaching Tiger Woods” by Hank Haney

Sunday, Woods won his first PGA title in two-and-a-half-years – the Arnold Palmer Invitational. All Rights Reserved.

(CBS News) – Hank Haney, former swing coach for famed golfer Tiger Woods, doesn’t think he broke any code or special relationship by writing a new book detailing the years they spent working together.

“The thing about this so called unwritten code

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Spider Fighting the Tradition

Most people in Kajiki rear samurai spider. Search results in search bar for keyword 156740

The practice is now generally discouraged since it damages educational performance of children. The spider’s body has an oil on it to keep the spider from sticking to it’s own web.

The Sport of Spider Fighting

This spider is an argiope, which is a group of large spiders that hang head down in the center of their webs waiting for prey. This event is a long unbroken tradition for four hundred years. All agriopes belong to the family of arachnids known as the Orb Weavers, because of the eccentric webs that these spiders weave. The back end of the abdomen is where the spinnerets, the silk producing glands, are. This fighting, biting and wrestling that gets the spectator excited is provoked by the humans who participate.

Orb and Black Widow Spider

The spider, called the “Kamae” is placed on the end of a stick. I’m only showing that something like this exist. They spend too much time hunting and training spiders that lessons and homework are missed. They have a hard outer shell called an ‘exoskeleton’. So young spiders need to molt, or shed their exoskeleton. You can imagine how hard it must be to pull all those legs out! They are pretty helpless at this point. They have no wings or antennas. Ordinances against the sport are now in effect in some cities. This is Not a Cockfight

Spider’s legs are covered with many hairs. They eat bugs for us that are considered pests. Eight legs with six joints on each.

The Kumo gassen is an annual traditional event of spider-wrestling match. After the referee pulls his hand away, the spiders face off and the match begins.

. At the end of the legs are, at least, two small claws. The spider that bites the opponents rear-end wins. Because it is hard, it can’t grow with the spider. A spider has 8 legs and can run and jump. Though I have been guilty (despite my name) to vacuum up a spider or two.

Spiders, Spiders, Everywhere

The spider that wraps the opponents rear-end in its white silk wins. Once they are out they must stretch themselves out before the new exoskeleton hardens. Spiders have 48 knees. The front segment is called the Cephalothorax. The sport might also be indirectly responsible for crop damage since spiders are useful in controlling insect pest populations.

I am not an insect!

Spectators and players gather here to watch hundreds of spider match and the game goes on for seven long hours. I feel that it is cruel. And, the spider that cuts off the dragline of the hanging opponent wins. Spiders are raised carefully and live with their owners, free to wander in the house and make cobwebs around.

Spiders do not have a skeleton inside their bodies. The spider must climb out of the old shell through the cephalothorax. Many people are afraid of spiders, but they are an important part of our ecosystem. I have a fascination and special respect for spiders. The opposing spider, called the “Shikake” is then placed on the stick, but separated from the “Kamae”. They might also be attracted to gambling. I feel that I have toughen up a bit over the years and can even live with spiders as long as they don’t get too close. Most spiders will not bite, and only a few are considered dangerous.

The second part of the body is called the Abdomen. They help to hold prey while the spider bites it.

Normally a spider will not fight another spider in nature. The legs are connected to this part, as well. This gives them a bit of growing room. I use to fear them. All the spiders in the event are female Black and Yellow Argiopes. Black and Yellow Argiopes are good to have around, because they eat bees, hornets and wasps.

Strange Sport

Orb Spider Poster on the left

Black Widow Spider on the right

A Spider-Fight: Held on Kyusyu Island in Japan

This is the spider most commonly used for spider fighting in the Philippines.

Black and Yellow Argiope

Note: Personally I don’t condone with this sort of activity. Spiders catch their prey by spinning webs that the insects fly into and get trapped by the sticky threads. Japanese spiders who are mostly black and white Agriopes, which is a kind of garden spiders, are called “samurai spiders.” In the Philippines, spider fighting culture is major sport and many Filipino children are engage in this kind of game.

Male spiders are usually smaller than females.

A spider is not an insect and belongs to a special class called Arachnida. The spider’s eyes, mouth fangs, stomach, brain and the glands that make the poison are on this part of the body. As adults, they stop growing and do not need to molt.

(The link for these is located above on this page.)

Spider fighting is a big sport in Japan and the Philippines.

Theses are from 3DRrose. Due to the quick speed of the spider’s movement, the split-second action of the match is judged by the sharp, keen eye of an expert referee.

Spiders have two body segments. A spider must be careful not to entangle itself upon its own web. Spiders also have these tiny little leg-ish things called ‘pedipalps’ that are beside the fangs. Often times, an agriope web will have zigzag bands, as did this spider, which was seen at Up Yonda Farm last summer. Most spiders have eight eyes, but some have less. The hairs pick up vibrations and smells from the air

Traveling Around – Brimley, Michigan

Some charter buses do arrive but most patrons drive.

Directly to the south side of the front desk is one wing of the hotel. At the junction (about 7 miles) take MI-221 to the right for a couple miles and turn left on Lakeshore Drive. Betting limits usually begin at a reasonable level.. The resort hotel has a view of the bay. It is an upscale dining experience that offers moderately priced meals that range from Northern Michigan Wildberry Stuffed French Toast for breakfast to chicken smothered in cheese and bacon for dinner. There are multi denominational machines that can be penny slots up or video poker. The menu consists of burgers, pizzas, nachos, and other appetizers at moderate prices. It is a plain, wide open casino with no table games.

Further to the north of the hotel lobby is the Horizon’s Conference Center where business meeting space is available as well as occasional performances by national and local entertainers. They are multi denominational and multi game machines so that you can select the slot machine game you wish to play at what level – beginning at a penny or the video poker game you wish to play beginning at a nickel.

The Restaurants

Several miles away to the north is the original casino. In addition to the main room, there is a solarium area that contains some ten tables and looks out upon a pond area that has fountains spraying water into the air. Along the east wall there is a video poker bar that has the poker machines built into the serving surface.

The Original Casino

Bay Mills Resort on Waishkey Bay

Because of its location, the sights of Sault Ste Marie easily accessed to the east. It is open to a spacious area that contains a fireplace and sitting area on one side and a coffee station and the hotel front desk on the other side.

To reach the restaurant area, you pass through a section with some hundred or so video poker and slot machines. Hours at the bar and grill vary and sometimes don’t open till late afternoon.

Sacy’s is a large, modern restaurant. It has been declared the best golf course in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

Approximately 1,000 slot machines are to the north of the table game area. Mary’s River, To the west and an hour or so away is the Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum at Whitefish Point and slightly further towards Newberry are the Taquamenon Falls.

The Back Bay Bar & Grills is a sports bar without equal in the area. Each room has a refrigerator, a microwave, and features wifi and cable television. The Championship Tee length is 7,056 yards and the Front Tee is 5,316 yards. There is ample parking on the south side of the casino that is named Kings Club. There are approximately 35 rooms on each floor for a total of 142 rooms in the hotel.

Up the center of the large area of the casino are 10 tables that include blackjack (both single and multiple deck) games, a three card poker game, a Let It Ride game, a Roulette table, and a Craps table. The resort is ahead on the right.

There is a four table poker room located next to some video poker machines along the east wall. Large 50 inch televisions offer many different sporting events. There are almost always drinks specials available.

North Winds Lounge is a darkly panelled room with a deeply colored mahogany bar that offers drink specials, appetizers, and access to the patrons favorite games on television.

Getting There and Getting Around

Next to the golf course is the Bay Mills RV Park. Next to the Players’ Club are the offices that house the casino hosts.

There is an counter that is an extension of the Players’ Club found in the main casino and provides redemption for the special offer coupons and Players’ Club amenities that seem to abound. The poker room is usually opened on demand and for tournaments which are held at least on a weekly basis.

The Secondary Casino

The Main Casino

When arriving from the east on Lakeshore Drive, the first building in the connected rustic appearing complex is the larger casino. 6 Mile Rd which turns into Lakeshore Drive and after going through the main part of Brimley, arrival at the resort is on the right.

The highway is the only access to the resort. It is not fancy and looks very utilitarian.

Rates during the week are $89 and on the weekends are $10 higher. The sightseeing activities there include the American and Canadian Locks that transport boats on the St. Waishkey Bay lies at the eastern end of Lake Superior in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula just up the St. The bar and grill is a brightly lighted sports bar with many television sets. Mary’s River from Sault Ste Marie. It is flanked by automatic teller machines and by several of the ticket in – ticket out machines.

The video poker games are isolated in a corner of the casino and most of the space is given to slot machines. Both comfortable booth and table seating are available. There is also a buffet for those appetites that like variety.

In the center of a long building that makes up the resort is the hotel lobby. Each wing is two story. There are usually specials available.

The Hotel

Nestled on the banks of the Waishkey Bay is the Bay Mills Resort. It overlooks the 18th hole on the course and offers generally lighter fare than found in the main restaurant at the resort proper.

Both of these facilities close during the winter months.

The northern end of the building complex contains the Back Bay Games & Grill. There are both tables and booths for seating. There are 76 pull thru sites that have water, electric, cable tv, and wifi access.

Across Lakeshore Drive from the resort is the 4 ½ star rated Wild Bluff Golf Course. Most of the video poker machines are to the south and east of the table games. Each weekday has a special which might be free food or free play on the machines.

The machines are TITO (ticket in – ticket out) and do not dispense cash but rather vouchers that can be turned into cash at the casino cashier or at several machines situated for that purpose.

Further information is available at the resort’s website.

There are four restaurants associated with the resort. The other wing is some fifty feet away to the north and runs parallel to the first wing. In a few miles turn right on W. In the main part of the restaurant there is a booth arrangement in the center of the room that opens into the kitchen area. There are perhaps 250-300 machines in the casino.

The route from Sault Ste. The menu includes many snack kinds of items in addition to hefty sandwiches and pizzas. The original casino still operates.

The cashier’s cage is located on the east wall. They felt the need for expansion and modernization so in 1995 they opened the currently active Bay Mills Resort. Three of them are in the main building while one is at the golf course. The clubhouse is a multi-leveled oasis that contains the Players Lounge..

There is an additional restaurant across the highway at the golf course – The Players Lounge. Inside the building, the Players Club and the Administrative Offices are on the south side and the northern portion is devoted to casino activities. The Bay Mills Tribe of the Ojibwe Indians has operated a casino in Brimley since 1984. During the winter months, rates drop by $20. The original casino that was established as the first in Michigan opened just a few miles away. They are Sacy’s, The Back Bay Bar & Grill, and North Winds Lounge.

Golf Course and RV Park

The restaurant at Kings Club is Chums and featured sandwiches and pizza and on Fridays has a whitefish dinner special. Around the booths there are tables that ring the outer wall. When we were there last, we thoroughly enjoyed an afternoon of beer and polka music (even though we do not polka).

The route from the Mackinac Bridge is to go north on I-75 for about 40 miles and take MI-28 (Exit 386) and go west on MI-28. Marie is to go south on Business I-75 and turn left on Mackinac Trail. There are entrances to the casino from parking lots on both the east and west side of the building

Things To Know About Nba Tattoos

If not, then without any delay ink it today.

First decide the team you are supporting and the player that draws your attention the most. When few treat tattooing to be a fashion statement others consider making NBA tattoos as a status symbol. If you happen to be Carter”s fan, you would love to get inspired from an earlier era tattoo with a set of tribal-inspired elements made on his left arm. Say for example, if you look carefully at Gary”s left arm, you will find an attention-grabbing elbow-cobweb fading into a Brooklyn skyline. Among these players, few are having NBA tattoos covering both of their arms. The set includes a portrait of Christ, collection of aces, the air Jordan logo and a castle turret. The trends of making body arts are increasing on a daily basis. Now, if those designs lure you the most, then you can do the same on your body parts to show your respect towards them.

Apart from the typical NBA tattoos, the players also make other variety designs as per their choice and style. This was made when President Barack Obama was first elected to office. Check out James Johnson”s collection of tattoos made on his arms. Players those who are crazy about making body arts include Leandro Barbosa, Rasual Butler, Jerryd Bayless, Ed Davis, Anthony Carter, Gary Forbes, DeMar DeRozan, Amir Johnson, Jamaal Magloire and James Johnson. Almost all NBA players are having tattoos on their body parts. Say for example, if you look at Gilbert Arenas”s left fingers you will find “change we believe in” inked on them. What would you say when you see Barbosa”s tattoo inked on his ribs. Say, for example if you are a diehard basketball fan then you must be having NBA tattoos on your body parts. To get a variety of designs, you can browse through the galleries and pick out the one of your choice.

About the Author:

There are several important things to learn about NBA tattoos. The design is completely based on paying tribute to his motherland.

Before choosing the body art form of your choice, make sure you know the removal process if you require it in your future. The bright red lips inked on his neck are treated as the exact carbon copy of his girlfriend”s kiss.. Making tattoos on the body parts have been into practice for long but it turned into craze when sports like basketball, baseball, football and rugby came into picture. Now, if you take interest in watching the most original tattoo art of the NBA players then you must check Kenyon Martin”s right neck. Players like inking creative designs every time whenever they have a league match. To know about such tattoo art, please visit www.tattoos-malu-art.com


Study says that nowadays getting inked-up is just not treated as a style but almost a business for the NBA team members. Everyone would not plan to make permanent design and if at all they do, it is important to know the tips of removal. Choose the one whom you idolize. If you really want to show your respect towards them then inking a body art would be a great idea

Reid pushes online poker legislation but finds the deck stacked

When Congress addressed online betting in 2006, Reid opposed its legalization.

Some House Republicans also bristled at news Reid was attempting to shoehorn the Nevada-friendly legislation into the tax deal.

“Creating a federal right to gamble that has never existed in our country’s history and imposing an unprecedented new tax regime on such activity require careful deliberation, not back-room deals or earmarks for special interests,” Republican Reps. Spencer Bachus of the Financial Services Committee; Dave Camp of the Ways and Means Committee and Lamar Smith of the Judiciary Committee wrote last week to Reid and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.

Between 2005-2010 Reid’s campaign and his leadership political action committee received $224,450 from MGM Resorts and $113,450 from Harrah’s Entertainment, making them some of his largest contributors, according to the non-partisan Center for Responsive Politics, which tracks the influence of money in politics.

Wednesday afternoon Kyl told CNN the measure was dead, saying, “Senator Reid has agreed with me that it will not happen.”

Reid’s office refused CNN’s request to discuss his push for the legalization.

The support by the four-term Nevada Democrat, who won re-election in November, for the online poker measure is an apparent reversal. Only 30% would go to any of the other states where the person playing is based.

Also the proposal includes new rules that would make it easier to bet on horse races. Jon Kyl of Arizona, says the measure is dead

Washington (CNN) — Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nevada, may have to fold his efforts to push a measure legalizing online poker in the United States into a tax-cut bill, in light of strenuous opposition from Republicans.

Such a provision would greatly benefit some of Reid’s biggest campaign backers — those in the gaming industry, which has been lobbying for the change.

But when Reid was asked Wednesday afternoon whether he was still pushing the poker bill during the congressional lame-duck session, he said, “We are still working on it,” according to this office.

Democratic and Republican sources had told CNN Reid was pushing for the provision to be included in the bill to extend the Bush-era tax cuts.

One of those leading the opposition is Sen. The draft bill says that online poker could be offered only by businesses that have 500 or more slot machines in the same building.

By Kevin Bohn, Dana Bash and Jessica Yellin, CNN

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has encountered strenuous opposition from Republicans.


Sen. Republican congressional officials suspect that is an attempt to entice support from the senator from the biggest horse-racing state, Kentucky — Mitch McConnell. Jon Kyl, R-Arizona, who vowed to block any attempt to include the poker legalization in the tax bill.

. That includes huge casinos in Nevada and New Jersey and would make ineligible most Indian-land casinos and even long-standing poker places throughout California because they don’t have slot machines.

Seventy percent of the revenues from a new internet gambling trust fund would go to the states sponsoring the poker, presumably Nevada and New Jersey. Harry Reid of Nevada pushes legalizing online poker in some circumstancesA measure would legalize online poker basically only in Nevada and New JerseyReid has encountered strenuous opposition from RepublicansOne opponent, Sen. MGM and Harrah’s did not respond to requests for comment.

“It sure looks like payback,” a Republican congressional official told CNN.

According to a draft of the proposed measure obtained by CNN, large, established gambling companies would be the biggest winners if the legislation passed.

It would legalize online poker basically only in Nevada and New Jersey

Rooney Mara wins lead in Fincher’s Girl With the Dragon Tattoo remake | Film

Fittingly, the announcement was made on studio Sony Pictures’ Facebook page.

Mara’s contract also includes an option to cast her in two further films, The Girl Who Played with Fire and The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets’ Nest, based on the final two books in Swedish writer Stieg Larsson’s Millennium trilogy (Dragon Tattoo is based on the first), both of which have also been made into Swedish language films.

Intriguingly, Fincher reportedly plans to start shooting The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo in Sweden next month, though one assumes the Scandinavian country will be doubling for a part of north America. He will also be in charge for the two sequels, while Craig has also signed on for three films. She is best known for starring in last year’s poorly received remake of horror classic A Nightmare on Elm Street. Photograph: Mark Mainz/AP

The US actor Rooney Mara has beaten off reported competition from a whole host of famous names to win the role of Lisbeth Salander in David Fincher’s forthcoming remake of the Swedish film The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.

Scarlett Johansson, Natalie Portman, Ellen Page, Harry Potter’s Emma Watson and Alice in Wonderland’s Mia Wasikowska had all been tipped to take the role opposite James Bond star Daniel Craig, who will play investigative journalist Mikael Blomkvist. However, it was revealed yesterday that Fincher had opted to cast the 24-year-old American actor, who he has also worked with on his forthcoming film about the founders of Facebook, The Social Network.

Larsson died in 2004, and his books were only published posthumously. The first movie is due to hit cinemas on December 21, 2011.. His novels have sold more than 27m copies around the world, and he recently became the first writer to have sold one million e-books on Amazon.com.

Mara’s acting CV does not – so far – read as convincingly as those of some of her supposed rivals for the role. She is, however, lean and limber, fitting the description of Salander, a troubled hacker who helps Blomkvist in the novels.

Rooney Mara will star in Hollywood’s version of Stieg Larsson’s bestselling book. Like his character, Blomkvist, he was the editor of a left-leaning magazine with a talent for documenting and exposing Swedish extreme right and racist organisations

UBA Technology Inc. and Wall Street Journal Agree-Kiosk Based P2P Sports Betting Software May Change Casino Sports Betting

In certain jurisdictions such as the U.K and parts of Europe wireless wagering is already legal and is a multi-billion dollar high-growth industry. (PINK SHEETS:UBTA)

With the exception of historical information, this news release and accompanying information may include forward-looking statements that involve a number of risks and uncertainties.

With the advent of high speed broadband and wireless services now available on a global basis UBA is well positioned to market its betting exchange platform to qualified online operators utilizing the internet, the emerging kiosk betting sites in land based casinos and ultimately through to the hand-held wireless device offering 24 hour betting service to gamblers world-wide.

The timing for UBA Technology’s entry into the market place is excellent as the global gaming market continues to expand not only for online poker companies (Party Poker – Party Gaming – PRTY.L), traditional bricks and mortar casinos (Wynn Resorts – WYNN) and online gaming software providers (Cryptologic Inc. There are numerous factors that could contribute to such differences, therefore such projected events and anticipated results are not warranties or guarantees that such events will occur or that the Company will achieve such results. Any live event with a consumer gaming interest is now a target market with UBA’s new technology available for license to qualified gaming industry licensees world-wide.

Imagine the excitement of being at a sporting event, witnessing a star player limping off the field, or coming into the game, or not returning to the game; you adjust your bet due to this knowledge and therefore have given yourself better odds of winning your bet.

Forwards-Looking Statements:

. UBA has entered into initial negotiations to install its proprietary betting exchange software in stand-alone self operating kiosks to traditional land-based casinos.

As recently as December 9, 2005 in an article in the Wall Street Journal titled, “System Would Let Gamblers Bet and Bet and Bet on Game” by Peter Sanders, the author explains that current advancements in wireless technology and engineered software solutions will enable sports bettors to bet on every play in a particular game, not just the outcome of that game.

On a global basis the opportunities are almost limitless as technology brings pure peer to peer betting on almost any event or subject whether it is a cricket match in India, a sumo match in Japan or the close of gold on the London market. 5, 2006–UBA Technology Inc. Actual results could differ materially from those anticipated as a result of various risks. There is no middleman or “house” that sets odds, the consumer decides the odds he is comfortable with and the amount, if an opposing consumer takes his bet, UBA’s software controls and tracks the rest of the transaction for the site operator.

UBA’s technology is compatible with inter-active enabled television sets, P2P kiosks, mobile phones and of course the internet. For more information about this corporation, please see the company’s website.

UBA notes that the field is not only limited to typical North American sporting events such as football, baseball, basketball etc.; betting is now possible on the outcome of poker tournaments, such as the famous “World Series of Poker” that are televised globally. – CRYP.Q).

VANCOUVER, British Columbia–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Jan. (PINK SHEETS:UBTA), with its software licensing business model has entered into the emerging P2P Betting Exchange Marketplace, supported by a recent article published in the Wall Street Journal. In Nevada land based casinos are installing the kiosks in high traffic areas in an attempt to increase sports bets and the variety of bets during specific sporting events.

UBA Technology Inc

How To Find A Great Betting Website Like Bet365

All websites of this type generally claim to be the best and to offer the best odds. That is why you must be very careful when selecting one of these types of websites to do business with. They are one of the leading online resources of their kind and have assisted countless individuals in learning the ins and outs of online betting and have assisted them in finding the very best betting websites available..

Want to find a betting website like Bet365 or a betting resource that has a TV guide ? If so look no further than BetXpert.

They are a reputable online resource that has more features than their biggest competitors. In fact they are one of the only websites of their type that actually offers a TV guide.

By: Vikram Kumar

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The good news is that the process of finding an exceptional online betting website doesn’t have to be difficult. There are numerous things that you can do and can consider doing in order to ensure that you are making the very best choice possible.

If you want to obtain access to one of the very best betting resources out there that offers advice on odds, has livescore information, and that even has a TV guide, then you should immediately check out BetXpert. That is why you must be diligent in investigating these websites to ensure that you are only dealing with the very best and most professional websites of their kind.

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Big day for Night in Sky Bet Chase | Horse Racing News and Free Betting Tips | Live Results, Racecards, Odds

He has been put up 5lb for that second to a mark he hasn’t won off before, but has challenged off higher in the past. Second last time out at Aintree he showed stamina and a turn of foot on the run-in and was beaten by an improving sort in Sam Winner. He has improved after unseating in his first attempt over fences, but has arguably faced weaker opposition in more recent times. He received a 10lb rise for his recent success at Musselburgh where he sat at the rear and travelled seamlessly before taking the lead on the home turn and pulling clear. This could be a little too much for this Evan Williams nine-year-old, who hasn’t won over this distance since 2011.

If In Doubt

Phillip Hobbs’ Royal Player is still unexposed and despite a 19lb rise for back-to-back wins, he is one to watch in the market as he looks capable of winning a race of this sort. His form doesn’t quite look strong enough here and he’ll probably prefer better ground in the spring.

Easter Day

Stepping up in trip this Nick Gifford-trained gelding won at Sandown in a handicap chase for horses up to a mark of 130. He wouldn’t be one to totally rule out yet isn’t one you’d be rushing to back.

Trained by 2012 winning trainer Sue Smith Mr Moonshine hasn’t quite found the same level of success. A horse with solid jumping and one you cannot discount even though he carries top weight. He was a beaten even-money favourite in his first run over the distance on good to soft ground at Newbury. The former needs to step up after his graduation chase wins and could be anything over this distance.

A northern track specialist, especially around Perth, he managed to win five in a row and is now trying his hand over 3m in a more competitive handicap chase. With the O’Neil stable slowly coming back into a bit of form you shouldn’t rule out this eight year-old, who goes well in cheekpieces.


Baileys Concerto

His recent performances have suggested he is in the grip of the handicapper, but being dropped to a mark of 146 indicates a more manageable mark to put in a good run. When hurdling he ran into Fingal Bay and Saphir Du Rheu and there may be plenty more to come here.

The 2013 Scottish Grand National winner and last year’s runner-up in the same event has endured mixed fortunes since.

Bottom weight for this valuable prize and he seemed to be travelling better than Al Alfa at Cheltenham but was pipped up the hill. If In Doubt, who has 3lb claimer Michael Nolan on board, has the stamina but is up in class and would need improvement from his beginners chase runs.

Welsh Grand National winning trainer Venetia Williams has Renard who will plug on stoutly no matter the conditions with no issues over stamina or jumping, so at a bigger price might be one to consider.

Jonjo O’Neill steps Lost Legend back up in trip to three miles, which should suit, following his success at Kempton on January 10 for which the handicapper has put him up just 2lb. His course and distance form swings it in his favour. Hat-trick seeking Grandads Horse is one that will run his race quite patiently and is likely to fill a place in the very capable hands of Noel Fehily.

Paul Nicholls’ seven year-old heads the market for the race after showing promise in his early chasing career. A course and distance winner last time out when beating one of today’s opponents Night In Milan, he sat at the rear and came through with ease, but he did idle in front and clung on for victory by a head, although the gallop wasn’t as strong as would be expected for this one. He has been pulled up on two most recent efforts at Aintree (Becher Chase) and veterans’ handicap chase at Kelso. Two wins in graduation chases, one where he beat RSA Chase winner O’Faolains Boy, sees him attempt three miles for a second time. Click here to bet.

Royal Player

Mr Moonshine

Fairy Rath

Yes Tom

Of the rest Easter Day and Lost Legend are both in with obvious chances. In his early career when starting out he was beaten by both Sprinter Sacre and 2011 Grand National winner Ballabriggs, however he hasn’t found anything of their ability over fences. His trainer won this race with Big Fella Thanks in 2009.


Lost Legend

However, Keith Reveley’s Night In Milan gets the vote. This looks a difficult ask for the 10-year-old.

An official rating of 139 from the BHA gives this Phil Hobbs representative a real chance of scoring in his first handicap chase. In that race he won from the front setting a decent gallop and stayed on to win despite a few jumping errors on his way round. Keith Reveley’s nine-year-old isn’t without a chance as he is a strong finisher, but he may prefer slightly quicker underfoot conditions than to what is expected.

Sky Bet Chase. The main issue here is the trip, he is a proven stayer and was third behind Hadrian’s Approach in the Grade 3 Bet365 Gold Cup Chase at Sandown, but has struggled when stepping back any further. James Reveley won from the front on him last time he was successful and is likely to adopt the same tactics, which may see him hard to catch on the energy-sapping ground.

Jonjo O’Neill’s Lost Legend will get the trip and hasn’t been badly treated on the back of his last-gasp comeback win.

Off a career high mark of 145 after back to back wins Grandads Horse might need to find plenty to win here. He did look to jump left-handed at times meaning he may be suited to a course like Doncaster; one to watch in the market, especially in relation to stablemate If In Doubt.

Third in last season’s Grimthorpe Chase over 3m2f, this Venetia Williams runner may be more suited to the slower ground which is likely to be facing this field. Conditional jockey Tom Bellamy set to be on board, claiming a valuale 5lb.

Grandads Horse

Night In Milan: Fancied to extend his excellent course record

Vino Griego

Medermit and Godsmejudge look too highly handicapped to have a chance of claiming top spot, but the latter on his Scottish National winning form would have a very good chance. His highest winning mark is 128, so his current perch of 136 is a little off-putting despite the favourable conditions. He was competing off this mark when second to Duke Of Lucca in a handicap chase at Aintree, but that could be due to the better ground and being more of a spring horse. He led until three out, but ran on stoutly nearly snatching victory. Sixth at Cheltenham on New Year’s Day didn’t discredit himself. Second in the Summer Plate at Market Rasen, where he was six places ahead of Grandads Horse. Alan King’s horse should still be watched as he goes on all kinds of ground.. Against better horses in this race he would need further improvement to stand much of a chance, however he is one of the likely front-runners in the field.

This unexposed six-year-old is an interesting runner. A good enough jumper, who is likely to be prominent and will try to stay on the rail, he’s a horse that could quite easily fill a place on his day and it could be with these conditions as he looks a typical Williams-trained gutsy stayer.

Sky Bet



Night In Milan

A former Grade 2 winner, this likeable grey is back in handicap company following performances in Grade 1 races where he didn’t disgrace himself. However, he’s running off the same mark as his last outing and will face a better calibre of opposition.

A winner of Down Royal chase over 3m2f ran on soft ground beating Seabass and Bog Warrior, this will only be his second run of the season following a disappointing return at Navan in December. Looks set to be patterned by the in-form Noel Fehily who has tasted success on him before.

Buck Mulligan

Beaten by Grandads Horse here last time out, which would have given him three wins at Doncaster, one of them being the Grimthorpe Chase