At Jockey School, Aspiring Riders Learn Hardships of Racing, Getting Fit

Standing at 5 feet, 5 inches tall, she pushes forward with the horse as one powerful muscle machine.

But no experience can be a leg up at the school because novice riders don’t have bad habits to break. After 60 credits, students earn an associates degree.

That includes weighing so little that the horse barely feels you on its back.

This is her shot at being a professional jockey in the death-defying, adrenaline-pumping sport of thoroughbred racing, reaching speeds of up to 40 mph.

Although Yetter’s competition at the academy was mostly veteran riders, there was one freshman who had the audacity to be a novice. Racing a thoroughbred requires different techniques than show jumping or dressage.

“I never touched the horse until I was 16 years of age, and I was riding professionally when I was 19,” he said. At 5-foot-2 and 112 pounds, Chase Roberts, a 20-year-old from North Carolina, was ready to stand his ground against his female classmates.

“A horse is not going to be able to perform at its optimum peak if it’s carrying 100-something pounds,” McCarron said.. Only 16 percent of licensed jockeys in the United States are female, and of the top 100 jockeys right now, only two are women.

Hall of Fame rider Chris McCarron, one of the winningest jockeys of all time, founded the North American Racing Academy in 2006. Like Chase, McCarron said he came into racing without much prior experience.

In Lexington, Ky., where horses and horse racing are part of the local fabric, Reill, originally from Norway, is a few strides away from graduation at the North American Racing Academy, the only professional jockey school in the United States.

“No princesses, you’ve got to be one of the guys,” Marissa Yetter, 19, said.

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Through the academy, aspiring jockeys learn the techniques and rules of professional race riding, as well as how to care for horses, including courses in nutrition, fitness and technology.

Although he has been accepted into the academy’s elite riding program, “Nightline” was there for his first time ever on a horse.

“I’ve never ridden and now I’m here,” Roberts said. “All the girls didn’t intimidate me, no complaints about that. But I saw that some of them were pretty good at riding and I was like, ‘Dang, they know what they’re doing and I don’t.’”

But the young ladies to whom “Nightline” spoke at the academy were ready to man up.

“You have to go into any situation being humble, but yet still being able to say, ‘Hey, I’m the best. But no matter what the career path, everyone does barn work, has classes and takes exams.

Over the course of the two-year program, Kentucky residents pay $150 per credit and out of state students pay $450 per credit. “[Jockeys] have the greatest ability to stay out of the horse’s way to the highest degree.”

“I just love horses, love riding, love going fast,” Reill, 22, said.

This year’s freshmen class has 12 aspiring jockeys, 11 of whom are women, defying the professional racing odds. “When we first started riding, it was basically like the movie, ‘Hunger Games.’”

Aside from the jockey-training program, the academy also offers a “Horseman’s Pathway” program for students aiming to be grooms, exercise riders or, ideally, trainers.

Looking at the odds, only two of these women will make it to the big time, but, first, they will have to elbow out the Pennsylvania native, who, at 5-foot-3 and about 105 pounds, knows full well it’s a cut-throat sport.

Wearing a bright-pink helmet, Vanessa Reill flies down the dirt track on the back of a racehorse. I can kick all your butts.’ It’s a mental kind of duel personality,” Yetter said

Casino-Gaming :: Gambling Online: The Housewife’s Favourite Game (Page 1 of 2)

Signup bonuses are a percentage of the initial deposit you place in an account when you first signup at an online casino to begin gambling for money. Of course, where you choose to gamble online will determine whether or not cash and prizes are offered. However, what is particularly nice about becoming a member at an online casino is that you will be offered signup bonuses for becoming a member. Yet, blackjack is not the only game available and you will find fun at the slots, the roulette wheel and all the poker tables you can dream of when you gamble online.

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When gambling online you will find that you can either play the game of your choice for free or you can play for real money and prizes. If you are more interested in gambling than you are in the dating scene, then gambling online might be just the kind of pastime for you. Plus, there is no need to get all dressed up to engage in online gambling and there are no worries that a man might hassle you when all you want to do is enjoy the game. When I play online blackjack , my identity remains anonymous for the most part and I can just enjoy the game.”

You may be required to download special software to your computer so that you can get in on the gaming action. This software gives you the sense that you are really at the casino–that is, without all the hubbub and noise around you that you will typically find in a brick and mortar casino. If you are a housewife and you choose to gamble online you don’t have to worry about the typical problems associated with travel and travel costs

Casino-Gaming :: Basic Information Regarding Blackjack

All of the cards of your gamers are facing exactly the same way, either down or up according to the rules on the table. It is essential that you concentrate on your cards and also the dealer’s card while focusing on making a hand that because biggest advantage for winning. It doesn’t matter just what cards the rest get. Value of the blackjack is 1.5 events from the bet knowning that suggests a bet of $120 will give you a $170 win. The main idea of Black jack is to find the top cards that can provide a sum closest or equal to 21, with no going overboard (bust). It is about you beating the casino dealer in the game.

Twenty-one Rules

The player is allowed to take just as much cards as he wants but he has to be wary about busting or groing through the quantity 21.Care and strategic planning is necessary to prevent busting while ensuring is at your closest value to 21. The user can lose either by busting or if the dealer’s hand is much more detailed 21. Nonetheless, a game of twenty-one is usually a fun and challenging game which gives the pleasure to challenge your house and obtain the opportunity on earning huge.

. The player is victorious if his number is closer to 21 compared to the hand of the dealer. The Ace is usually a unique case because it may be valued either 1 or 11 depending on what best suits your hands. hand is usually similar to 21. They 2-10 are valued as is while the face cards are offered value of 10. Blackjack is all about beating your house. However, it the casino dealer and gamblers hands are just 21 or related, then it is considered a push meaning no-one is victorious. Keep in mind, a game is about you and your dealer. If your hand of the gamer grows to 21, this is called blackjack. Any hand is beaten with a mix of 10 and Ace choice .

Black jack Tutorial

Ever in your life played Black jack? That is considered a counting game where every cards are given their appropriate numeric value. It doesn’t matter just what the other players have. The first part of twenty-one is the dealer handing out Two cards to every one from the gamers and finally, to him self. Actively playing black jack is strategic and yes it permits you also to turn into analytical and mathematical. A card with the dealer has one card uncovered so your gamers can easily see. However, if your splits a card, it won’t be highly regarded anymore as twenty-one since they will be individual hands currently. It simply gets a push if another card is a twenty-one 10-Ace. It is a biggest house good thing about black jack when you play at internet casinos. One other you are facing down

Sports :: Free Horse Racing System – Placepot System

- Obviously in the outstanding two races, we use the first two in the betting forecast as our two qualifiers in the perm.

The Placepot Horse Racing System Method:

The Placepot is likely without doubt the finest value bet in betting. Don’t be fooled into thinking that since the selection method is fast and simple, it is useless. I suggest using the Racing Post as their SP. The one with the second highest value will be the one to take advantage of.

One final note with reference to which paper to use. Conversely, the lowest grade meeting of the day, particularly in the flat season, in addition has its issues. Unfortunately it’s not that straightforward! The more racehorses we pick in each horse race, the more expensive our stake. If there is a abundance of meetings then it is as a rule better not to use the main meeting of the day as this pretty frequently includes races with huge, competitive fields, and it makes our work of discovering horses to place more problematical. What it pays though depends on how many others share the pool.

- Look at the SP forecast prices for the six horse races concerned. Look for the two races with the shortest priced favourites. Using the morning betting forecasts is a very dependable selection method to employ with this system.

To win the Placepot we are going to use what is termed a Placepot perm. These will be the most dependable favourites of the day, and even if they do not win, they ought to place. It is better to stay to just a single meeting for each day. Most bookies now supply Placepot perm slips that make entering easier, but you can additionally do them online these days.

Firstly, we have got to choose which meeting to employ each day. These perform as our single entries in the perm. The horses here are frequently ridden by the poorest standard of jockeys that makes research grueling. If you are an experienced form student you may add your own know-how to the selection process, but at this juncture we are going to base our qualifiers on SP forecasts. – Select the two races with the largest fields, they are typically big handicap races, and are constantly the hardest to pick winners in. Obviously if we had covered say, three racehorses in each race then our odds are greatly enhanced. 729 times the minimum stake at 0.10p a line!! #72.90 Ouch!!

Good luck with this Placepot horse racing system.

The perm we exercise in this plan uses just 36 lines, at 10p unit stake the bet costs simply #3.60. If you use it on a daily basis you ought to win the Placepot a few times a month. To cover three in every of the six races would require 729 bets, IE. Take the first three racehorses in the betting forecast in every one of these races, they will be our three qualifiers in the perm. This allows us to select more than a single horse in every race. 1 x 1 x 2 x 2 x 3 x 3 = 36 bets in total.

We now have all the elements for our perm. Forecasts tend to be more accurate, but whichever you use, keep to the same one every day.. This is largely a Fun bet so do not go sticking wads on it, nor expect a load of winners, but when it does win you can be paid out #100s!!! This horse racing system ought to point you in the correct direction.

Now to select our qualifiers for the perm. If you are uncertain which one this is, then add all together the prize values of every race at every meeting. To win the Placepot you need to pick a horse to be placed in each one of the first six races at a horse race meeting. Having selected our meeting, we now need to build our selections using the horse racing system for qualifiers.

Here’s what to do:

To win the pot we need to decide on a placed horse in every race. It consists of a single selection in two of the races, two qualifiers in another two races, and three qualifiers in the remaining two races. So when presented with a diversity of meetings select the second biggest meeting of the day to work on

losing 10 hands in a row..?

A random event is a random event, the probibilities ties to it are only a best guess at what might happen.

The number of people at the table will not have an effect on the PROBIBILITY of losing a given hand.

You can best your chances of winning by playing out your hands in a fashion that makes them most likely to win by following basic strategy. Understand that not all hands are likely to win and for many hands the correct action may be the action that results in you losing less such as splitting 8s, surrendering, or hitting on 16.

You will play many more hands than ten when playing at a blackjack table, you will receive 60-300 hands/ hour and as you play more hands the probibility of losing ten hands consecutively at least one time approaches 100%

The probibility of winning a hand is the cumulative average of all hands that can possibly be dealt in the game, due to the nature of there being thousands of card combinations you can not be anywhere near certain of what type of hands you will be dealt, some hands have a high probibility fo winning, and some have a low probibility of winning.

Whykickamoocow: The secret of silly horse names

But naming a thoroughbred is also a fine art subject to strict international regulations, with the power to both sway punters and shape the horse’s legacy.

“Frankel (the superstar colt who recently retired after an unblemished 14-win career) was a cracking name. It created a certain mystique around the horse.”

Thankfully for Lysaght, the most prolific winners in recent years have had sharp, easily pronounceable names — think Frankel or Australian supermare Black Caviar.

“I think it holds the most sway at something like the Grand National in Britain, where you’ve got a large proportion of inexpert betters,” Khan said.

One loophole does allow horses from different countries to have the same name — provided they include the nation’s prefix at the end.

BBC commentator Lysaght has had to call some tongue-twisting horse names in a career spanning more than 30 years.

“You’ve also got to take cultural differences into account. “The Queen is renowned for naming her horses sensible, quite cleverly constructed words — like Sea Shanty.”

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But can a horse’s name affect its performance? Is it possible to have a champion horse called Loser? Lysaght believes a horse’s name can be self-prophesying — to an extent.

The names of terrorist organizations such as Al Qaeda and IRA have also been turned away, though Weatherbys racing director Paull Khan admitted suspect names had “slipped through the net” in the past.

It’s difficult to pinpoint a link between names and performance. It was very distinctive, strong and easy to pronounce — it absolutely jumped out of the microphone.

Read: Melbourne Cup memories — The legs that stopped a nation

“There’s also a certain trend now for short, real words,” he said. But then, as Shakespeare’s Juliet famously said: “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose?by any other name would smell as sweet.”

Read: A weighty issue — Hidden world of jockey heaving bowls

Then there’s the holy grail of names considered so important, they can never be used again.

Say these names as fast as you can: Hoof Hearted, Whykickamoocow, Oh no it’s my mother-in-law, Maythehorsebewithyou.

Names can be no longer than 18 characters, with up to seven syllables.

“If a few of the more difficult names go down in a race, I think deep down the commentator is thinking, ‘Thank God that one’s not involved anymore.’ “

“Added to that was the fairytale story of trainer Sir Henry Cecil naming him after trainer Bobby Frankel, who died from cancer. He called it Weareagrandmother instead.

“If you look at the big races, there are not many horses who win them without good names,” British racing commentator Cornelius Lysaght said.

“Camelot’s owners reserved the name 10 years ago — they thought it was a marvelous name but there was no horse that came up to scratch,” Lysaght said.

“They wanted to wait and attach it to a really great horse who would live up to the mythical title. The International Federation of Horseracing Authorities has put the champion horse on its eternally protected list, alongside such greats as Australian gelding Phar Lap and U.S. Leger Stakes.

“I think the degree people feel attached to certain names is dependent on the performance of the horse — not the other way around,” he said.

When people say, “There’ll never be another Frankel,” they aren’t wrong. It’s a name that just jumped out at me when I gave a talk in Worksop, in the East Midlands, once.”

“A few complicated names in a tight finish can get a bit frightening,” he said

“You’ll have lots of small bets on appealing names — things that have a human element people can associate with or are cleverly constructed.”

As for the horse’s legacy, Khan puts it down to performance.

British colt Camelot came close to fulfilling his promise, winning this year’s 2,000 Guineas and Epsom Derby but failing to complete the English Triple Crown after finishing second at the St. That includes names which are spelled differently, but phonetically sound the same.. stallion Seabiscuit.

There’s also the minefield of names deemed too offensive for the track. But that still hasn’t stopped horse names having an effect on punters’ betting habits.

Read: Breakfast of champions – What’s in the nosebag?

And if you want to name your horse after a person or company, you’ve got to have their permission. In Britain, people would generally be quite flattered to have a horse named after them, but in France it would more likely be seen as an insult,” he said.

Read: Tall, dark and handsome muse…is a horse

Story highlights

Silly horse names are a traditional part of the horse racing experience

But naming a thoroughbred is also fine art subject to strict international rules

A horse’s name can influence betting among inexperienced punters

Important horse names, such as Frankel, are put on a protected register

It’s not a playground tongue twister, but a legitimate list of horse names, announced at speed by racing commentators adept at wrapping their lips around some of the most difficult — and ridiculous — titles on the planet.

Each name is also protected for 20 years, and up to 35 years if the horse goes to stud after retiring.

So why are many horse names downright weird? It’s partly a way of getting around rules dictating that no professional thoroughbreds have the same name. Among the risque suggestions which failed to get the seal of approval from the British Horse Racing Authority’s administrative arm, Weatherbys, are: Chit Hot, Harry Balzitch, Pee Ness and Hucking Fell.

It’s no Camelot. Silly horse names are as much a part of the racing experience as ladies in hats or laying a bet. British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher famously turned down a request by the late Clement Freud — a former celebrity chef, politician and grandson of the famed psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud — to name his horse after her. As it turned out, he didn’t quite get there in the end.”

So if Khan had a horse, what would he name it? “Worksop Bellyflop

Snow may distrupt New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas

17, 2008.

Some 340,000 people are expected to pack the Strip and Las Vegas’ downtown Fremont area for festivities.

Meteorologists expect up to 2 inches in higher elevations and a light coating of half an inch to an inch, on the Strip, Stachelski said.

So cold that meteorologists warned tourists – much like a parent might – to “bring layers and dress warmly” and wear shoes with some good traction, not typical for revelers looking to stay fashionable on the social holiday.

Moisture, snow’s key ingredient, remained elusive in predictions as of late Monday.

Even with that level of confidence, snowball fights on the Strip are far from a sure bet.


Revelers on the Strip may have to bundle up with snow expected in Las Vegas. (AP Photo)

Organizers of the fireworks show shot from the rooftops of seven casino-resorts remained confident Monday that snow wouldn’t damper the event. Travelers coming from Utah and Arizona should be fine until Wednesday night, Thursday and Friday when snow is expected on Interstate 40 through Flagstaff and U.S. The last time any notable amount stuck to the airport’s runways was Dec. Snow is expected Tuesday evening through Wednesday in one of the main routes for Southern Californians – the Cajon Pass on Interstate 15. But forecasts in Las Vegas pinned the area’s chances on New Year’s Eve snow at 70 percent, along with a 32-degree low.

If Sin City’s sports books took bets on the weather, snow in Las Vegas on New Year’s Eve would normally have terrible odds.

If it does snow, airlines will need to bring their de-icing equipment for planes landing or taking off from Las Vegas’ McCarran International Airport. Route 93 to Phoenix, Stachelski said.

The unusual weather is part of a cold and “somewhat moist” storm moving south across California into the Mojave Desert and Las Vegas, bringing snow to parts of Northern Arizona and Utah, according to the weather service.

Those huddled in New York City to watch the ball drop could expect a mostly sunny Wednesday with a low of 27 degrees by evening. The airport doesn’t have any snow removal gear on hand, and it isn’t required to. Michael Mack with Las Vegas Events said only wind could shut it down, and in the 14 years the company has been producing the show, it hadn’t.

The main issue may be getting to or leaving Las Vegas. No chance of snow.

It might pay out this year, though, if the white flurries start falling on the Strip’s desert-dwelling casinos as expected Wednesday night.

“Whether or not we get any snow, it’s still going to be very cold for New Year’s,” said Chris Stachelski, a National Weather Service meteorologist in Las Vegas.

Sports Odds – 8/8 – :

Michigan State basketball has earned 13 straight NCAA tournament bids since 1998 and made five Final Four appearances

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Butler vs Duke Point Spread Betting Odds Alert is issuing a 2010 NCAA Title Game Betting Odds & Point Spread Alert at 11:20 AM EST on Monday April 5th, 2010 for the National Championship game between Butler vs Duke . The opening

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Masters 2010 Picks: The most anticipated Masters in recent history is now just days away, as the biggest fallout story in sports’ history, Tiger Woods gets set to return to the public spotlight

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. 2010 Final Four Picks: Michigan State Spartans Betting Odds

Masters 2010 Picks

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Final Four Picks Experts are use to seeing the Michigan State Spartans in the Final Four

Leagues discussing sports betting – ABC News

The NHL did not respond to multiple requests for comment. “I think most of our owners’ view on the issue is that they’re comfortable with us taking a leadership position on the issue, but again are also mindful that it’s a complex issue, and is one that will ultimately require a legislative remedy, and not one that is necessarily at the top of their to-do list, in terms of active lobbying.”

While discussions are ongoing behind the scenes, Silver is the only active commissioner to come out publicly in support of legalization.

The NBA is not the only professional league in the United States taking a close look at sports betting legalization.

While he may not have the full support of the other leagues, Silver says NBA owners approve of his approach. “Should it be viewed in the competitive team-oriented sense that it is now, or does it become a vehicle for betting, which may in effect change the atmosphere in the stadiums and in the arenas?”

. The NHL is currently considering placing a franchise in Las Vegas, and like all the leagues, is participating in daily fantasy sports.

The other major professional sports leagues are not on the same page. I will say that certainly all of them are interested in having a better understanding of the issue, and I know have assigned people in their organizations to study intensively the issue as well.”

“While I wouldn’t categorize [daily fantasy] as sports betting,” Silver said, “on the continuum of no betting at all and legalized betting, it’s certainly somewhere on the spectrum, but not yet sports betting.”

“I think there needs some attention to be paid to what sport is going to represent to young people,” Bettman said in an interview with CNN. The NFL says its opposition to legalized sports betting has not changed. He wrote an op-ed in The New York Times in November that called for Congress to create a federal framework and allow states to authorize betting on pro sports.

“I have talked to the commissioners in the other leagues about [legalizing sports betting],” NBA commissioner Adam Silver said in an exclusive interview with ESPN The Magazine in late January at the league’s Manhattan office. “I leave it to them to make any public statements they want to make on it. The NHL’s Gary Bettman has been the only commissioner to speak out since Silver’s op-ed.

In addition to the conversations between the commissioners, there have been other private meetings between council for the leagues to discuss the pros and cons of legalization, multiple sources with direct knowledge told ESPN.

“Some of our owners are also owners in other leagues, so it’s something that they also want to talk to the commissioners in the other leagues about,” Silver said. Discussions on the issue have been taking place between the owners for several years, but until the other leagues come on board, it remains complicated for owners like Ted Leonsis of the Washington Wizards. Leonsis also owns the Washington Capitals of the NHL.

Sources with direct knowledge of the meetings came away believing the NHL is more open to legalization than Bettman’s comments indicate. Major League Baseball, while transitioning to new commissioner Rob Manfred, declined comment

Is Online Sports Betting Legal?

District Court for the Middle District of Louisiana dismissed the case. Let’s have a look…

Whether or not Internet gambling is legal is a complex issue. members. “The bill is centered on restricting certain financial transactions,” Walters said, “requiring that banks identify and block transactions going through their servers and their systems, and requiring that the actual sites, the Internet gambling sites, stop and block these transactions.”

The U.S. trademark and copyright laws.

However, the U.S. In December 2007, the W.T.O. But no arrests have ever been made in the United States for simply placing bets online. ban on Internet gambling violates their rights at W.T.O. The court said, “The government’s interest is specifically directed towards the advertising of illegal activity, namely Internet gambling.”

Because of these legislative battles, the issue of the legality of Internet gambling isn’t quite clear to most people, although it is currently illegal. Circuit Court of Appeals dismissed the case, saying that the Wire Act only applied to sporting events.

In 2006, more legislative steps were taken with the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, which prohibits Americans from using credit cards, checks, of electronic fund transfers to finance Internet gambling. For many years, the United States argued against the legality of Internet gambling by citing the Interstate Wire Act of 1961, which was created to prohibit sports gambling between states using a telephone. And with the W.T.O. appealed the ruling, and the W.T.O. James McDermott introduced a companion bill, the Internet Gambling Regulation and Tax Enforcement Act, which deals with how to regulate online betting sites and how to collect a tax on all wagers made. So Lawrence Walters, an Internet gambling law attorney, stated that the bill has no impact on an individual gambler’s activity. But because the Internet hadn’t been invented when that act was implemented, many legal experts nowadays have questioned whether that law pertains to the Internet or not.

Also, the Wire Act wasn’t specific enough to clarify whether it pertained to all forms of gambling or wagering only on sporting events. Justice Department saw things differently, and claimed that the Wire Act relates to all forms of Internet gambling. McDermott said that an independent accounting firm had estimated that if Internet gambling is regulated, the United States could take in $3.1 billion to $15.2 billion in the first five years, and anywhere up to $42.8 billion in the first 10 years.. The operators of Casino City, a website portal to online gambling sites, sued the Justice Department in 2004, and the U.S. The organization ruled in favor of the two countries, the U.S. The 5th U.S. But the act deals only with how the gaming accounts are funded, not whether the actual betting is legal or not. Rep. has continued to uphold the ruling. awarded Antigua and Barbuda $21 million in trade sanctions, which will allow the country the right to penalize U.S.

Everyone has a different opinion about what the law actually says in regard to the legality of online sports betting in the United States. has made some minor trade concessions to some other countries to exclude gambling services from an agreement signed in 1994, by revising the original agreement.

Foreign influence has come to bear on the issue as well, with Antigua and Barbuda, members of the World Trade Organization, saying that the U.S. ruling, that will probably not change anytime soon.

Rep. In 2002, two Internet gamblers sued credit card companies after running up debts by betting on casino games. Barney Frank sought to legalize Internet gambling in 2007, by introducing the Internet Gambling Regulation and Enforcement Act